We specialize in training people who are interested in the venture and learn how to deal with trading risks also how to make a profit in the market through technology and risk control strategies.
  • 01

    Trading Rules

  • 02

    Technical Analysis

  • 03

    MT4 Operation

Trader Professional Training

In this course, we will provide a step-by-step professional financial training to our students.

In the first phase, we will teach the students how to deal with the characteristics of trade patterns, trading rules and profit algorithms.

In the second phase, we will teach the students how to analyze trading graph, how to see the transaction rules, and then receive the market entry signal.

In the third phase, we will teach the students how to operate MT4/MT5, which includes open trade, closed position, take profit and stop loss settings etc.

Based on our principal of "Giving back to society what is taken from the society" Genesis Business Group has set up a charity foundation to hold different charitable activities on a regular basis in hope to make the world a better place through the Group.
  • Genesis Business Group Gold Tinkle Led all the Staff to Volunteer in a co-organised SJKC Jinjang Tengah 2 Charity Fundraising Bazaar

  • On July 27, in line with Genesis Business Group’s corporate social responsibility initiative, a charity fundraising bazaar was held at SJKC Jinjang Tengah 2.
  • This fundraising bazaar was organised in an effort to help rebuild four basic projects; library, science lab, recreation room and toilet.
  • The bazaar raised funds through the sales of food, drinks, handicrafts and items made by the children and parents. In addition there were food trucks, games, and performances.The Group's partners and staff were actively involved in cash donation as well as in-kind support tirelessly; demonstrated the group's commitment to giving back to society what is taken from the society.
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